On the issues


I believe that God is the author of life at the moment of conception.  When elected, I will cosponsor the Personhood bill and make sure the senate has a roll call vote for all pro-life legislation. It weighs heavy on my heart that thousands of babies in South Carolina are denied their right to life every year, and as your senator I will do everything in my power to put an end to this injustice.


Our roads are crumbling, and our taxes continue to rise. Horry County pays out so Greenville and Charleston can get new roads! It’s time to bring justice to the residents of Horry County, by getting the roads we have paid for fixed!

Santee Cooper

Santee Cooper is a failed government venture that has cost the citizens of South Carolina over 7 BILLION dollars. It is shameful that our current elected officials have not considered the burden they have placed on the ratepayers. As a businessman, it is apparent to me that we need to open up this issue to a free market solution, and that the people responsible should be held accountable.

Criminal Justice Reform

I am tired of the ‘lawyer legislators’ in South Carolina. The way we elect judges in South Carolina is corrupt, and we need a Senator that is willing to call out the corruption in Columbia. The only way for our justice system to be fair is for our judges and lawyers to be held accountable!

Second Amendment

The second amendment was drafted to ensure the American people could defend themselves against a tyrannical government. The founding fathers understood that self-defense is a natural right. The 2nd amendment is a no-compromise statement. As your Senator, I will be a bulldog for Constitutional Carry and vote down any bill that threatens your 2nd amendment rights.